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the call by tanya barfield

University of Michigan-Flint | January 2016

directed by Andrew Morton

costume design by Lisa Borton

scenic design by Shelby Newport

lighting design by Doug Mueller


photos by Mark Baker

the first dinner party
painting the nursery
putting the crib together
dinner party #2
at the gallery

rebecca is bold and vivacious while annie is warm and soft - we always know clearly where rebecca stands while we wait for annie to make a decision about the baby

but she's 4
alemu shares his story

alemu's clothing is meant to appear to be thrifted - he remembers where he came from and while he's neat and tidy, isn't indulging in new items.

annie at the park

I wanted annie to feel invisible in this scene, and a bit like she's hiding behind her hat and jersey coat.

another dinner party

drea and rebecca have gone on yet another eastern trip and indulged as westerners, and here rebecca wears a chained bracelet and necklace reminiscent of indian culture.

you don't want africa

both peter and annie are wearing their darkest colors in this final scene, as we wait to hear about their decision

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