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The Spitfire Grill music and book by James Valq with lyrics and book by Fred Alley

University of Michigan-Flint| March 2023

directed by Stephanie Dean

scenic design by Lisa Borton

costume design by Shelby Newport

lighting design by Doug Mueller

 The Spitfire Grill is relatively cinematic in its storytelling and we wanted to find a way to simplify the space to support the fluidity of the musical. I was inspired by the "up north" feel of the town that the story takes place in and focused on making the surrounding beauty of the woods a central part of the grill. I utilized organic colors and rustic textures to help unify the grill with the large painted backdrop (for more on the drop itself click here.) Pops of colors arrive in the letters that start arriving to the town, and the large posts help mimic the trees in the background.

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